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The most professional Tbilisi legal team is by your side

Georgia Service Law Firm, as the only Persian reference, is aware of the latest laws and regulations of Georgia.GS Law Firm has an official license to access the information of Georgian citizens, companies registered in Georgia, the State Property and Deeds Registration Organization, the State Tenders Organization for obtaining inquiries, which helps our clients to prepare a contract. The transaction or partnership of the other party should be inquired and after confirming the above, they should proceed with the work.

Our services include company registration, temporary residence, permanent residence, Georgian citizenship, legal and criminal law representation, international marriage registration, investment consulting services and notary services, registration of documents, translation of documents, arrangement Personal and corporate contracts, accounting for companies, preparation of tax returns and official real estate expert.


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Director of Law Office and Georgia Service Law Firm

Everyone knows that the personality of a lawyer and work commitment are among the first factors for choosing him, and hearing the name of a lawyer, the mind turns to a variety of concepts such as protest, courage, secrecy, power, perseverance, tolerance, taking the right from the oppressor, litigation, oppression, human Friendship and other beautiful concepts imbued with the noble and dynamic profession of advocacy

Personally, I believe that a successful lawyer should have good looks, eloquence, rhetoric, knowledge and wisdom, justice, management and ability to perform responsibilities and have the power of inference, reasoning and foresight, and in addition to professional knowledge and good experience should have complete mastery of Have current laws and political issues of the country.

Georgia Service Law Office and Law Firm with full knowledge of the laws and regulations of Georgia with several years of professional and specialized experience in providing services to the Iranian community, based on social duty and commitment to work in all legal and registration matters has a special and general reputation. And offers special services in Georgia.

Finally, given our expertise and knowledge of Georgia issues and laws, please consult with us before starting any work in Georgia, because the presence of a lawyer with you, even in the trial process, can help strengthen the courts and unanimity.

Dr. Mohammad Rakhshanfar

Notary Office Tbilisi - Georgia

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A notary public (or notary or notary) is a civil institution affiliated with the Georgian judiciary, established to prepare and register official documents and run independently and without financial dependence on political authority. The notary public, as a legal and civil center, is the liaison between the government and the citizens. The most important task of this institution is to ensure and guarantee the legal and economic security of the society. The Registrar, at the head of this body, has a personal responsibility independent of the government and the ruling forces, and by carefully preparing the documents, he has a critical role in preventing unnecessary conflicts and reducing people's referrals to the courts of justice.

  • Registration of documents in accordance with legal regulations
  • Registration of power of attorney in all administrative and legal cases
  • Submit a declaration in multiple formats
  • Registration of wills in testamentary and supplementary forms
  • Arranging and registering various types of contracts
  • Registration of commitment letter and consent letter

Registration of independent real estate transactions

One of the most important tasks of a notary public is to help ensure the legal health of the community by consolidating the ownership of citizens over their property and assets and formalizing contracts of sale, mortgage and rent.

  • Registration of all purchase, sale and pre-sale contracts
  • Registration of real estate transactions (in the term of portable property such as: cars, boats, home appliances, etc.)
  • Registration of real estate transactions (in non-portable terms such as: land, house, garden, villa and apartment)
  • Lease registration
  • Registration of mortgage contracts
  • Registration of warranty documents
  • Registration of conditional and mortgage transactions in various formats

Official translation of documents

To perform any activity in Georgia, you need to introduce your identity to that organization. For example, if you are planning to register a company or continue your studies in Georgia, the relevant organization will ask you for documents that show your personal and educational identity. Because these documents are part of your records, they must be recorded in Georgian in that collection. Translation of documents of institutions is one of the most important and widely used official translations.

The translator based in the Georgia Service office is a member of the official translators approved by the judiciary as well as the General Office of Documents and official translators and performs the official translation process in a completely specialized manner and with the full supervision of the relevant authorities.

  • Official translation of all documents into Georgian
  • Official translation of documents from Persian or English into Georgian and Russian
  • Translation of texts of legal contracts between individuals and companies
  • Simultaneous translation of court hearings

Signature certificate and equal to the original documents

For the signature certificate, the applicant for the signature certificate with the identification document in the office must appear before the notary public and sign the following document or writing, then the notary public must indicate his name and details, the date of the document and the signatory in person (at the notary public). Sign another place in front of it.

To make the documents equal to the original, the applicant does not need to be present, only the original documents must be in the office to apply.

  • Verify the authenticity of the signature, acceptance and preservation of trust documents
  • Signature certificate in multiple formats
  • Certify copies of documents and papers of clients
  • Copy the original copy of identification documents (residence card, citizenship card, passport)

Registration of international marriage in Georgia

Since Georgia is an observer member of the European Union and the governing laws are approved by almost all of Europe and Canada, Australia and the United States, etc. It is valuable and acceptable all over the world and is therefore a good choice for registering an international marriage.

Documents required to register a marriage:

Passport or travel document (those who are dual citizens and residents of EU member states must enter Georgia with their European passport)    

Official translation of the passport into Georgian

There are two witnesses who must be from Georgia

Child passport with Georgian translation: If you have a child from a previous marriage, the child's documents, including the passport and its translation into Georgian, are required for registration in the marriage certificate for the inheritance law (this is optional).


Formal bachelor's degree in accounting, finance and banking

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